popping colors

uniqlo jill sander, chloe sandals, ray ban sunglasses

rayban sunglasses

what are your feelings on the term “a pop of color”? it seems to be a phrase that was commonly used for awhile, and then overused for another while, to the point where it can very irritating. or is it just me?

uniqlo +j dress, chloe shoes, taytu clutch

chloe sandals

i still can’t help but use this phrase at times. sometimes an outfit just needs a “pop of color”, and sometimes that pop is the best part. but at the same time, when i catch myself mentioning my appreciation for that great “pop of color”, i feel like i should pop myself in the nose. i need a better phrase. any suggestions?

uniqlo jill sander dress, chloe sandals, rayban sunglasses

taytu clutch

this outfit created a day-long brainstorming session for me. what are my lipstick, bracelets, nail polish, heels, dinosaur keychain, the arms of my sunglasses, and the zipper on my clutch doing, if not popping? i just DON’T KNOW!!!

jill sander uniqlo dress, rayban sunglasses

uniqlo +j dress, rayban sunglasses, chloe shoes, taytu clutch, h&m bracelets, vintage bracelets